Balmain Hair Extensions

Balmain Hair has over 40 years experience in hair extensions and additions. As part of the prestigious fashion house, Balmain, the hair extensions are of the highest quality. This is why Balmain Hair is the only company to offer a 6 month hair quality guarantee on human hair extensions.

 Choose from a variety of systems including, System Volume, Double Hair to add length and volume, Rings, Tapes and Clip-in hair extensions. Add colour, volume, texture and length to your natural hair with the system of your choice. We have a collection of over 70 colours including beautiful Ombre effects. At Touched the 100% human hair extensions can be professionaly coloured to suit your needs.

 To creatively achieve fashion-led hairstyles in under 5 minutes, try Balmains prestigious Ready-To-Wear hair extensions.

 It is essential to use Balmain nourishing aftercare to validate your 6 month hair quality guarantee and to keep your hair and hair extensions beautiful, healthy and shiny.

At Touched we offer professional solutions for 6 daily hair problems

1.      Lasting volume service from £79.95

2.      Risk free colour service from £20.00

3.      5-minute service from £16.95

4.      Full hair service from £179.00

5.      Glamour service from £360.00

6.      Hair thickening service from £20.00


Balmain Hair Extension Overview

(At Touched we offer complimentary Balmain hair consultations)



With this easy 'DO IT YOURSELF' Clip-In system you can change your look instantly. Whether you feel like having long hair, change your color or just want more volume, CLIP it in and GO! All hairMake-up products are made of Memory®Hair.

· Memory®hair
· Quick clip-in system
· Easy to straighten and curl
· Light weight
· Easy to maintain



DoubleHair is a professional, affordable and re-usable system specially designed for creating long voluminous hair. The application can be done with bonds, rings and with clips. DoubleHair is made of 100% Human Hair.

· 100% Human hair, 6 month quality guarantee
· Balmain hair patented system and Re-usable
· Including 3 application systems: bonds, soft rings, clips
· Length and volume in as little as 45 minutes


 Systeme Volume

Systeme Volume can be used to add Massive length for an extreme full bodied and glamorous look

·   Treatment for adding volume or  long hair
(up to 3 months)

.  100% Human Hair

·   9 Colors and 9 Blended colors, to create the extra depth

·  Available in 25cm or 40 cm

·  Available for 2 hair types: fine and normal hair



·       Pre layered hair for a natural look

·       Tailor made solution Designed to follow the shape of the head

Flux technology, more natural hair distribution as with conventional techniques

·       Optimal hair distribution. It spreads the hair so no ‘spaghetti look’

·       It has a strong / transparent
micro connection

·       Silky finishing

·       It is comfortable to wear because of flat backside